Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to...ME!

Its actually been a week since my birthday. I'm officially 21!
I went to Piper Down on my birthday, i had a pretty good time from what I can remember. Nine shots and two beers later I woke up next to the toilet at my parents house. Yay!
I had a really good time though, it was nice to see all of my friends and hang out for a bit.
Some memories I DO remember from that night...
Kicking a paper towel dispenser and getting my legs stuck in the garbage can in the process.
Being called 'Jailbait' by a guy who probably picks up chicks at the Jr High.
Thats about it...
I went to Chili's the night after my birthday with all of my pharmacy friends. I got to order a nice big margarita, but not before being called a 9 year old. I think i'll be getting that for the next 10 years. I got some free grub and a couple new turtles to add to my car collection.
I wish I had pictures from these nights...I need a digital camera, pronto!
I believe i'm going to the bar tonight for an early St Patty's day celebration. Hopefully it goes better than the last time.
As for school, its been ridiculously hard to keep up with these past couple weeks. I have a few midterms next week which I need to study for.
Work Frustrating and hectic as usual. I'm ready to kill a few people but for the sake of keeping my job, i'll try not to do harm to my fellow co workers.
I bought a kitty from the humane society a couple weeks ago. He's an orange tabby, long hair, about 8 months old. I named him Patrick and he's adorable. He has a tendency to bite and scratch me in the middle of the night...but I think he'll outgrow that. Hopefully.
Well, not much else to talk about. Until next time!

Monday, December 29, 2008

December News

So I realize I haven't blogged in a while so I thought i'd do an update on my December.
Lets start out at the beginning.
School was pretty brutal with finals. But after all was said and done I ended up with pretty decent grades!
Microeconomics 2010: B+
Family and Consumer Finance 3500: B
Business 1000: B-
I'm pretty happy with my grades, hope next term goes equally as well! Here are my Spring classes.
Macroeconomics 2020
Philosophy 1000
Anthropology 1010
Quant Analysis 1100
Should be a pretty easy semester (knock on wood).
So now that school is over with, i've been spending my days at work. The pharmacy job is getting a bit ridiculous and the tension is high. I figure I should just quit and stick with the hospital job. The hospital job is going very well, I love working there. I do have to deal with the occasional crazies, but overall it keeps me happy and I enjoy chatting with the sickly over dramatic patients. It helps that my sister is there with me and I can call her up anytime and ask for help. She's pretty much an admitting pro.
Christmas was lots of fun, i woke up early, opened presents and headed off to work a short shift at the hospital. After which I had dinner with my family and Bronson's family. Dinner was fantastic and dessert was even better. Who doesn't love brownie and whipped cream?
For Christmas I got lots of sweaters, money and a toolbox from my dad, DVDs, socks, pajamas, popcorn, candy, lotion, a necklace, a build a bear turtle, an awesome computer game (roller coaster tycoon 3!), a couple scarves, some much stuff that I absolutely love.
Now i'm getting ready for the new year. I have NO idea what i'll be doing but I have a few options, a few good parties that i'm considering.
I went over to my sister's house tonight and played the WII with Bronson, it was really fun even though my coordination isn't that great. Marie made dinner and I watched part of the Simpson's movie. Bently was being a butthead but he's adorable anyway.
Well, i think that just about covers my December. If I think of anything else, i'll do an add-on.
Until next time!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So I went to Taylorsville High School this morning and played tag football with some friends, it was actually really fun considering how early and cold it was. We went and got hot chocolate afterward. The lady at Tesora wasn't too thrilled to have us all in the gas station goofing off. I guess I wouldn't be too happy either if I had to work there on Thanksgiving.
I get to work at the hospital instead! Ha ha. It's actually not too bad, it's only a six hour shift and i'm starting to like working there. You never know what you're going to get and there's always something fun and exciting. Should be fun!
Who knows what i'm doing later tonight. If it isn't too cold and stormy I might head up to the Boyer's have have my third or fourth Thanksgiving dinner. I'm almost getting sick of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberries.
Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!